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Cassie L Bones

Cassie Boness is a Doctoral Candidate in the Clinical Psychology program at the University of Missouri. Her main research interests encompass issues related to the etiology, assessment, and diagnosis of alcohol use disorder with a secondary focus on ethical issues in psychology research and practice. Her seminal publication “Examining Emotional Support Animals and Role Conflicts in Professional Psychology,” co-authored with Dr. Jeffrey Younggren and published in Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, has made her one of the leading experts on the topic of emotional support animals. Her and her colleagues’ most recent publication outlines the first comprehensive ESA assessment model for mental health professionals.



CDP Presents: Emotional Support Animals: Ethical, Legal, and Clinical Issues for Mental Health Professionals

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Cassie L Bones
90 Minutes
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Tue, Feb 25, 2020 - 12:00p to 01:30p EST

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