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Megan Gerber, MD, MPH

Medical Director

Women’s Health, VA Boston HCS

Megan Gerber, MD, MPH is a general internist and the Medical Director of Women’s Health at VA Boston and serves as a Senior Consultant to Women’s Health Services, VA Central Office (Washington DC).  She has had a career-long focus on the medical care of trauma-exposed women and has experience in delivery of trauma-informed care, research and program design /advocacy.  Most recently, she has co-chaired the national VA Task Force that developed a system-wide response to IPV. She has authored a number of peer-reviewed publications in the field and is currently editing a book on Trauma Informed Medical Care directed at frontline providers and health systems.


Dr. Gerber is a medical educator and Associate Professor at Boston University School of Medicine. She holds an adjunct appointment as Lecturer on Medicine at Harvard Medical School.


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Facilitating a Multidisciplinary, Culturally-informed Response to Interpersonal Violence and Anger

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